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Ways to Support Seniors with Heart Failure 

Having a loved one suffering from heart failure can make one feel helpless. But deciding to be their supportive advocate goes a long way in helping their battle against heart disease while making you feel more involved and in control. And stepping up into that role is easier than you might think.


Did you know?

You can actively help a loved one with heart failure by:

  • Supporting them with lifestyle changes like exercise and diet.
  • Ensuring they always take their medication.
  • Connecting them with avenues for emotional support like therapy and support groups.
  • Ensuring they keep up with their annual vaccines.
  • Considering home health or palliative care to aid with pain and symptom management.
  • Scheduling annual heart appointments to monitor the disease’s progression.


Another meaningful way to help is by becoming as knowledgeable as possible about the condition. This will empower you to have more productive, effective conversations with their health care professional. 


Questions to Ask Their Cardiologist 

  • What’s the diagnosis? Is the heart failure mild? Moderate? Severe?
  • What should we expect within the next few weeks, months and years? How is the condition likely to progress?
  • What are some specific ways that their daily life will change? Can they still work, play golf, and do the activities they enjoy?
  • What are the three most important things my family can do to manage this condition?
  • What strategies have other patients found helpful in motivating themselves to eat better, exercise, stop smoking and make other lifestyle changes?
  • What will happen if they slip back into unhealthy habits?
  • It’s challenging to keep the medication schedule straight. Is there any way we can simplify it?
  • Is there some way to minimize the side effects of medications?
  • What if health insurance plan doesn’t cover the treatment or medication you recommend? What’s our next step?
  • If any symptoms seem to get worse or change suddenly, what’s the best way for us to contact you?
  • How often should we be coming in for checkups?


When caring for a loved one with heart failure, the most important thing to remember is that you are never alone. CorsoCare can help you and your loved one manage and treat heart failure every step of the way.


CorsoCare Is Here for You

For more information on heart failure and how CorsoCare can support you and your loved one, call us at 248-438-8535.