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Transitional Care With CorsoCare

Seniors and their families don’t need surprises as they move from one care setting to another. They need a trusted guide to navigate their unique health care path.

When Is Someone Considered Homebound?

Homebound status is determined by an observed need for assistance from another person, or for the use of medical equipment in order to leave home, and when leaving home taxes the patient, making it difficult to do so. A physician’s order is required to support homebound status.

Hospice Myths

We’re dedicated to dispelling the many myths surrounding hospice care. Below are some of the most frequent myths that we hear about, and clarification behind each.

When To Consider Hospice

It’s important to know when it’s the right time to consider hospice care, and we’re here to help. Research has shown that hospice can increase both the quality of life and how long a patient may live.

Hospice Care Eligibility

In order to begin hospice care, patients must meet hospice eligibility requirements established by the U.S. Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services.