Symptoms Grief Depression
Recognizing the loss Can be done May not be recognized
Mood States Highly variable; variable includes: activity level, talkativeness, appetite, sexual interest Sadness mixed with anger, tension or absence of energy; consistent sense of depletion; psychomotor retardation; anorexia; low sexual interest; low communication or agitation; compulsive eating; sexual acting out; pressured verbal output
Expression of Anger In character, less inhibited Total absence of externally directed anger
Expression of Sadness Weeping, sobbing, feelings of relief No expression or no relief from crying
Dreams, Fantasies Dreams reflect loss and can be attempts to resolve it No dreams, or destructive repetitive dreams
Sleep Patterns Disturbing dreams, episodic problems getting to sleep Severe insomnia; early morning awakening or prolonged sleep
Self-concept Challenged by the loss, may be altered Loss confirms sense of worthlessness; deserving of punishment; guilt
Pre-occupation World is empty and meaningless; focus on extent of what was loss Self-guilt, worthless, evil, bad
Response to others In character; open and needy for touch Unresponsive or responds only to pressure; or demanding and dependent
Pleasure Variable; makes sense in light of the loss(es) Persistent restriction or high stimulus seeking